Selected for easy and safe brazing.
The price on silver is depending on the current market price.

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Brazing Silver Rods

Silver and Flux

We have two different types of brazing silver rods, both of which are cadmium free and have a length of 500 mm. (Enough for 1500-2000 segments).

Price for 1 kg (depending on current market price).
46% silverThe most sold silver rod.200206
55% silverMore silver content means easier floating.200202

Silver Band

Silver and Flux

Our Silver Band contains 49% silver and is cadmium free. 

Price for 1 kg (depending on current market price).

Available in two different features:
49% silverOne roll contains approx. 1.3 kg and is
4,0 mm/ 0,2 mm.


Silver and Flux

H Spezial 

Price for 1/2 kg.
FluxBrown paste. Silver and Flux.200205