Use our JM Magnets or Strong flux Magnets for exact side clearances and precise positioning of the diamond segments during the brazing process on the core bit.

JM Magnets


• Economic - our most sold types
• Solid
• Easy to handle

Available in two different types - each with two different

Side clearances:

TypeInfoArt. No
AThe most frequently used - fits nearly all diameters.
0.75 and 1.00 mm clearances.
BFor the smallest and the largest diameters.
0.50 and 1.25 mm clearances.
Strong Flux Magnets

• Long life
• Universal - four different side clearances on each

0,5 mm / 0,75 mm / 1,0 mm / 1,25 mm
(0.02"/ 0.03"/ 0.04"/ 0.05")

Available in two different features:

TypeInfoArt. No
NormalFits nearly all diameters450125
ThinFor the small diameter bits450125S