The Diatip equipment cuts fast and silently, gives you a perfect segment division, makes it easier to braze the new segments and eliminates segment loss. Find the model that suits your needs – a low price equipment for occasional use or a fully automatic machine for the professional repair shop.



CD 600 Economy


Same functions as the CD 7-28 but as an economy version. The CD 600 is based on the previous since 1993 delivered Columbi model, but now considerably improved.

Excellent for the small repair shop. Can take core bits up to a diameter of 600 mm (24”) and 700 mm (28”) length.

Standard as a bench model.

CD 7-28 Manual 


Our most sold model.
The CD 7-28 works without electrical power, without noise, without sparks, waste or scrap. Cuts off the worn end and, at the same time, makes notches for the new segments – with exact distance.

The indexing disc gives you full control of the number of segments
required and full freedom to manufacture the right bit for an efficient work.

The depth of the segment seat can be adjusted – from 0,5 mm just enough to indicate the positioning of the segment – up to a three-side brazing slot for safer drilling in difficult materials. Also good when the steel is worn very thin.

The CD 7-28 is very easy and fast to operate. A drill bit with diameter 100 mm (4”) is ready within a minute. Use our magnets for the brazing and the whole core bit is retipped within the next few minutes.

CD 7-28 


Instead of the manual cutting handle the CD 7-28 Hydraulic is equipped with a hydraulic motor and a hydraulic cylinder for the cutting knife.

In all other aspects the CD 7-28 Hydraulic is the same as the manually controlled model.

CD 7-28 Automatic


Cuts off the worn end of the old core bit and makes indexed regulated seats completely automatic. Set the required number of segments and the depth of the slots for the segments.

Equipped with a hydraulic motor for the cutting and a PLC controlled electrical motor for the feedings.

After the cutting is completed, during the brazing process, if the
drill is still mounted on the machine the rotation of the bit is regulated by a foot pedal. Both hands free for the silver rod and the gas pistol.

Hydraulic Equipment


Instead of the manual handle both the CD 7-28 model and The CD 600 Economy can be supplemented with a hydraulic motor for the cutting and a hydraulic cylinder for the knife.

The cutting movement is then controlled by a foot pedal.