Can I also cut straight?
Of course you can also cut straight off. You can cut completely flat but a cut only half a mm is to prefer as you then get the position of the segment for the brazing and also considerably strengthen the whole bit.

What is the difference between the CD 7-28 and the CD 600?
The CD 7-28 is more stable, built for daily, professional use. With the extensions you can cut bits up any length and a diameter up to 1000 mm (40”). The CD 600 has the same cutter head but a limited capacity to 600 mm (24”) in diameter and 1600 mm (64”), with extension, in height.

Do you need to be very strong to cut with the manual handle?
Absolutely not – the cutting can be performed by any person, male or female, young or old.

What wall thickness on the steel can the CD 7-28 or CD-600 cut?
The knife cuts through without any problems all common steel for bits up to a thickness of 3.5 mm.

What is the life of the knife?
Normally the knife can cut several thousand cuts before sharpening. It can then be sharpened at least once.

What is the life of the matrix?
Normally it lasts minimum 10.000 cuts provided there has not been any excessive force on it.

If I bury the segments into the steel – will they not stop cutting before they are finished?
Also when you have segments with diamond content all the way to the end they will not stop cutting even though they are immersed. The reason for this is that the steel is always so soft that it doesn´t prevent the diamonds
from cutting. In fact they drill even faster because of that the steel and the segments are so much thinner than in the beginning. To ensure that the water flows make a cut 10 mm (½”) deep with an angle grinder cutting wheel between each segment.

My my drill bits have a different thread than the standard thread on your equipment.
You can still use our equipment without any problems. All you need is an adapter which we can supply to you.